ApartmentJet Smart Stay Program

Adding a degree of diligence to your reservations and guests

Additional Layers of Protection

The ApartmentJet Smart Stay Program is designed to address multifamily owners and operators concerns pertaining to short-term marketplaces like AirBnB and HomeAway. The program’s goal is to add necessary layers of coverage to short-term and extended stays. Clients have access to the Smart Stay Program when they leverage ApartmentJet to manage their short-term marketplace content and booking activity.

The Smart Stay Program Includes:
  • Criminal Background Screening and automatic approval/rejection of potential guests. This helps maintain fair housing best practices as it puts decision-making responsibility solely on the scoring model and availability.
  • Short Stay Renters Insurance that provides $100k liability and $5k property damage protection.
  • Tax – ApartmentJet and our 3rd party partner can fully manage the collection and filing of state, county, and city occupancy taxes for our clients.

Why was the Smart Stay Program Developed?

ApartmentJet’s founders have built and managed multiple marketing platforms for the multifamily industry, and we understand the importance of maintaining safe and secure apartment communities. As a result, we’ve put a lot of effort into partnerships that help add additional layers of short-stay protection to address owner and operator concerns.  We have a history of integrating with industry leading screening and insurance providers, and we understood their important roles in protecting apartment communities.

How much does the Smart Stay Program Cost?

The Smart Stay Program fee is only incurred on paid reservations, and the cost for the service is built into the nightly rate paid by guests. The total fee is $10 per booked night, and it includes administrative costs for screening, insurance, and tax management.

Is the Smart Stay Program Optional?

To maximize the safety and risk protection of our platform, ApartmentJet requires all clients to utilize the Smart Stay Program.


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