ApartmentJet is thrilled to partner with industry leaders as well as other startups in mutually beneficial and strategic ways. Some of our partners are listed below.



Insurance has always been a critical piece to the ApartmentJet puzzle. Along with providing visibility into the process and simplicity for site teams, we strive to give owners and operators confidence that short-term rentals are a viable revenue-generating solution. Liability protection is key to that confidence. The partnership provides multi-family housing owners an insurance solution that covers both nightly and extended stay guests. –


Screening is one of the many tools we employ to ensure, as much as possible, that everyone involved, from property manager to guest to existing community resident, will have a positive experience. All guests booked through ApartmentJet are now screened using TransUnion’s powerful, multidimensional tools and data sources. A global company valued at over $10 billion, TransUnion is a household name and a well-established player in the multifamily space. –

TrnClean Chicago

TRNCLean can provide professional turn-key Guest Suite management or a-la-carte services to make your Guest Suite or ApartmentJet program a success! –

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ApartmentJet is ceasing operations. Click here for details.