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Introducing Event Based Pricing Controls

We promised another big new feature this week, and we always (try to) deliver. Today we’re introducing Event Based pricing controls to help you easily override prices for an entire community in a few simple steps. Let’s say you manage a property with ten short term rental units. Maybe you’re …

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Start Your Day with ApartmentJet's Daily Community Summary

Email notifications. Boring? Maybe. But they can be an essential tool for staying on top of your task list. ApartmentJet’s dashboards currently provide onsite staff with details of guest arrivals and departures, average nightly rates, pending reservations, and a whole lot more. But sometimes dashboards are not enough. Enter the …

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Quick Text Simplifies Communications with Guests

Arguably, one of the most critical aspects of managing short term stays is communication with your potential, future, and current guests. Whether you’re answering questions or requesting information, communication is constant. One of ApartmentJet’s main goals is to simplify and expedite those communications, reducing the workload for onsite staff or …

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