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Summer Product Updates

Our Product team is wrapping up a busy summer. Our primary engineering focus has revolved around an improved integration with Airbnb and an all new HomeAway integration. Both integrations are rolling out in the coming days, and we’ll tell you more about them soon. In the meantime, we’ve released updates …

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resident insights

Introducing Resident Insights

Every day, renters increasingly view apartment sharing as both an amenity and a supplemental income stream. We hear it from owners and operators, from REIT investors, and from residents themselves. Short-term rental marketplaces cater to these residents, and the freedom to share an apartment for a weekend or while on …

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Delivering Your Data with New Reporting Tools

Last week we began rolling out new reporting features to all ApartmentJet users. These new tools are the beginning of a concerted focus on data and analytics. We spent the past year building the foundation of ApartmentJet and analyzing short-stay data. We wanted to understand which performance metrics mattered most …

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Improving Guest Communications with Enhanced Conversations

Guest interactions are a critical part of the booking process. Whether you’re answering inquiries onsite or from a centralized location, you should have all the information you need at your fingertips. This increases your team’s efficiency, response time, and quality. Great communication can be the difference between a three star …

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Short-term Rental Taxes too Taxing? Problem Solved.

Occupancy taxes. Lodging taxes. Whatever you call them, short term rental taxes have been a huge source of uncertainty for multifamily owners and operators curious about short term rentals. Potential clients always ask the same questions:  “How do the taxes work? Who collects them? How do we file them?” Followed …

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The Smart Way to Short Stays

Before creating ApartmentJet, we set out to learn a few things about the multifamily industry’s attitude toward short stay marketplaces like AirBnB. We spoke to former clients, to marketing teams, to operations executives. We read industry news and conference presentations. Everyone worried about the same issues, which included: Visibility. Who …

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Introducing Event Based Pricing Controls

We promised another big new feature this week, and we always (try to) deliver. Today we’re introducing Event Based pricing controls to help you easily override prices for an entire community in a few simple steps. Let’s say you manage a property with ten short term rental units. Maybe you’re …

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Start Your Day with ApartmentJet's Daily Community Summary

Email notifications. Boring? Maybe. But they can be an essential tool for staying on top of your task list. ApartmentJet’s dashboards currently provide onsite staff with details of guest arrivals and departures, average nightly rates, pending reservations, and a whole lot more. But sometimes dashboards are not enough. Enter the …

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Introducing ApartmentJet's Concierge Service

So you’re almost convinced it’s time to earn short term revenue with your vacant units, but you’re not certain your onsite staff is ready to handle the flood of communications or booking requests that come with short term rental marketplaces. Or maybe you have no one available during hours when …

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