Filling the Corporate Housing Gaps: A Case Study

Corporate Housing is a busy industry in Chicago, especially during summer months.  When peak season ends, however, or when other scheduling complications arise, corporate housing providers can have difficulty filling units. One particular provider turned to ApartmentJet in the Spring to help with these challenges, and we’ve compiled a case study to highlight their experience.

Filling the Gaps between Stays

Because of the nature of corporate bookings, one reservation does not always begin immediately after the previous one ends. This is no different than what happens with leases at a multifamily community. It means corporate providers must deal with days or weeks or months of vacancy. Often the gaps are too small for other corporate clients to fill. ApartmentJet is an ideal solution in this situation.  We helped our client quickly spin up listings and start filling those gaps. We coordinated regularly with the provider’s team, and, over the course of the summer, we generated over $30K in additional provider revenue.

Help with Last Minute Cancellations

Corporate clients sometimes cancel at the last minute, and its not always easy for the housing provider to line up another corporate traveler.  When this situation happened to our client, we compiled content for the unit, syndicated a listing immediately, booked several reservations, and generated nearly $12K in revenue for the provider for the seven weeks that would have otherwise been vacant.

Availability Reports

Managing Availability for corporate housing is a tricky business.  Our Operations team worked with the provider to confirm availability before accepting all reservations. The goal was always to eliminate double bookings, which can create major inconveniences for travelers and be detrimental to the provider’s brand. Many corporate bookings occur outside the ApartmentJet platform, so coordination was key. We used shared availability reports and regular communication to effectively overcome this challenge. The result was more revenue for our client and fewer issues for corporate travelers. A win for everyone.

Click here to read the full case study and see the success we’ve had with one of our many corporate housing providers.

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