Summer Product Updates


Our Product team is wrapping up a busy summer. Our primary engineering focus has revolved around an improved integration with Airbnb and an all new HomeAway integration. Both integrations are rolling out in the coming days, and we’ll tell you more about them soon. In the meantime, we’ve released updates to address several top user requests.


You asked for a quicker way to find reservations and conversations. To help, we introduced new search functionality designed to make it easier and faster to locate whatever it is you need. How does it work? Click the search icon or start typing from anywhere on the screen.  It’s that easy.

Let’s say you’re a user with a dozen different communities in your portfolio and need to quickly jump to a unit dashboard. Simply start typing the unit name and click a result. Or perhaps you’re looking for a specific guest’s reservation? Just type the guest’s name. It doesn’t matter which screen you’re on. The search results will pop up, and off you go. Think of it in some ways as a keyboard shortcut for navigation. In many situations, using the search can eliminate the need to use navigation menus, which will greatly increase your efficiency while using ApartmentJet.

We’re constantly looking at new ways we can help you work faster.

Blockout Improvements

Sometimes you need to take a unit offline. Whether it be for maintenance or emergencies or any number of reasons, we’ve made it easier to track those events across your organization. When adding a blockout event for a single unit or an entire community, you can categorize the event and include a description to help you (and your teammates) remember why the unit is offline. Most importantly, we’ll show you who created each blockout event so it’s easy to follow up later with questions.

Booking Performance Emails

Watch your inboxes each month for new booking performance emails.  We’ll give you an overview of how your entire portfolio performed as well as each individual property and unit. You’ll see datapoints like number of reservations, dollar value performance, channel performance, etc.. Over the coming months, we will continue to roll out new reports and charts intended to help you understand your performance from many angles.

Resident Insights

We released the initial version of our new Resident Insights tool this summer. We’re currently piloting and making improvements. Our goal is to give you transparency into resident sharing activity, to help you earn revenue from it, and to allow you to report on it alongside your own managed units. Get in touch if you’d like to join our list of pilot customers.

All the rest

As usual, we implemented numerous bug fixes and performance optimizations, plus improvements for our concierge team to help manage bookings at scale.  Those concierge updates involve a lot of work behind-the-scenes, but most of the improvements we make for our concierge team eventually migrate to our client facing tools for everyone’s benefit.

We have exciting new features on the Q3 roadmap, including one specific calendar feature everyone has requested along with a few related surprises. Stay tuned. As always, thanks to all our clients and users. Be sure to visit the Ideas and Feedback portal within ApartmentJet to let us know the features and improvements most important to you.

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