Introducing Resident Insights

resident insights

Every day, renters increasingly view apartment sharing as both an amenity and a supplemental income stream. We hear it from owners and operators, from REIT investors, and from residents themselves. Short-term rental marketplaces cater to these residents, and the freedom to share an apartment for a weekend or while on vacation is quickly becoming an expectation rather than a nice-to-have.

For those who want to offer such an amenity, we’re excited to introduce Resident Insights. Unlike some sharing solutions, Resident Insights is built specifically for owners and operators. We give the visibility and control to you, not the resident. It’s an ideal multifamily solution for permitting, monitoring, and generating revenue from resident short-term rental activity.

How It Works

Residents link their Airbnb accounts to ApartmentJet on a community-branded website, select their unit, and continue using Airbnb as they do today. That’s all they need to do.

For owners and operators, the experience is built right into ApartmentJet’s core platform and works alongside managed units (i.e. your guests suites and vacant apartments). If you provide us a data feed, we can automatically confirm a resident is tied to the correct unit, and we’ll notify you if we identify a discrepancy.

Resident data will flow to the same dashboards and reports you’re using today, with all new insights and filters, so there’s nothing new to learn. Your resident managed units will live alongside your owner managed units, all in one simple platform. (And if you’re unfamiliar with our core platform, get started now! It’s so easy.)

Key Benefits

There are three key benefits to our Resident Insights solution. Each is aimed at providing full transparency into all short-term rental activity at a community.


We offer transparency into listing and guest activity for resident units. We’ll tell you who is sharing, how often they’re sharing, and whether or not they respond in a timely manner. We’ll provide quick links to resident listings to review content and branding. Most importantly, you’ll know when guests are arriving and departing during the week so your onsite staff can be aware of any new faces or requests.


We’re developing new reports and metrics to highlight resident activity and performance. Our analytics will focus on things that matter most to you: nightly rates, booking frequency per resident, number of guests, total revenue share, and more.


We partner with Airbnb’s Friendly Buildings Program to set up your revenue sharing model. You’ll earn a percentage of every resident transaction. If you’re already an ApartmentJet client with managed units, we can incorporate this new revenue into your existing payout structure for a seamless transition.

Our goal is to increase visibility for onsite staff without giving them more to do, and we feel Resident Insights is a solid start. As always, we have many great features on our roadmap.

Early Adopters Wanted

Home sharing is part of the future. We strive to be the premiere multifamily short-term rental management platform for managed units, and now we’re offering further insight into your community’s short term rental activity. We know you need to control what happens at your communities. We’ll help you maintain that control while successfully delivering a new service to residents, a service that can also move the bottom line.

If you’re wondering if short-term rentals are right for your community, talk to us. We’ve delivered well over a million dollars to our multifamily clients, and we’ll help you succeed in the sharing economy. We’re piloting our Resident Insights program now, and we’re looking for more pilot customers. Our goal is to bring the same simplicity, security, and risk management to resident sharing as we do to owner managed short-term rentals. If you’re curious about how it works or where we plan to take it, send us a message or give us a call.

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