ApartmentJet Powers Airbnb Branded Apartments

Today we officially unveil our partnership with Niido Powered by Airbnb.  As the sole short-term management platform for one of multifamily’s newest and most forward thinking business models, ApartmentJet is playing a key role in the evolution of apartment vacancies and apartment living.

Niido properties are the world’s first technology-enabled, full-service residential buildings designed specifically to encourage, embrace, and support homesharing and flexible living. The first Niido property is in Kissimmee, FL.

In addition to supporting Niido’s own managed apartments with portfolio-wide content and booking management, the ApartmentJet platform will integrate with Airbnb to provide insight into Niido’s resident sharing activity. Niido allows its residents to share their apartments on Airbnb up to 180 days each year. Residents who want to share will link their Airbnb account to ApartmentJet using a simple web portal. ApartmentJet can then report on unit performance and booking activity across Niido’s properties, while residents continue to use Airbnb’s web and mobile apps as they did before.

“In many ways,” says Andy Hamilton, ApartmentJet co-founder and COO, “Niido is a unique ApartmentJet client, and they represent a clear example of how multifamily can adapt to a changing market. Their entire model embraces the sharing economy. Their team has experience in multifamily and hospitality, which means they understand the demands of bookings and turns and the resulting impact on site teams. They grasp the importance of quality content and guest communication and all the things that make short-term rentals different than what multifamily has traditionally experienced.”

“From a product standpoint, it couldn’t be more challenging” says Kevin Koperski, ApartmentJet co-founder and CTO.  “Historically, we’ve worked under the assumption that most multifamily properties will support only a handful of short-term rental units. We designed our solution accordingly. Niido’s innovative model flips that assumption on its head.

“We’ve built tools to handle bookings at scale across one or many portfolios, but Niido is our first client managing booking activity for every unit at a single apartment community. They’ve challenged us to rethink certain aspects of our product design, to optimize efficiency and usability at various scales, to integrate with smart home tools, and to deliver an effortless solution for their residents.”

“They’re moving fast with a new idea,” adds Koperski, “but we want to move faster. From our core tools to the suite of secondary apps we have on our roadmap to the new resident sharing functionality we’re piloting with them, this relationship is pushing us into the next phase of our long term vision. Full speed ahead.”

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