Revenue, Occupancy Taxes, and SXSW in Austin: A Case Study

Based in Secaucus, NJ, Hartz Mountain is a real estate owner often at the forefront of emerging real estate trends. They’ve been researching and analyzing short-term marketplaces like AirBnb the past few years, and they agreed to work with us on a case study documenting their experience with ApartmentJet. The …

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ApartmentJet Powers Airbnb Branded Apartments

Today we officially unveil our partnership with Niido Powered by Airbnb.  As the sole short-term management platform for one of multifamily’s newest and most forward thinking business models, ApartmentJet is playing a key role in the evolution of apartment vacancies and apartment living. Niido properties are the world’s first technology-enabled, …

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ApartmentJet is ceasing operations. Click here for details.