Delivering Your Data with New Reporting Tools

Last week we began rolling out new reporting features to all ApartmentJet users.

These new tools are the beginning of a concerted focus on data and analytics. We spent the past year building the foundation of ApartmentJet and analyzing short-stay data. We wanted to understand which performance metrics mattered most and how they differ from traditional multifamily metrics.

We’re still learning. We’ll be learning for a while. In the meantime, we’re using what we’ve learned to deliver reports and dashboard widgets that will help shed new light on your short-term-rental performance.


Based on feedback, we’re streamlining most of our reporting into easily exported (and reimported) flat reports. Every report can be viewed at the portfolio level or by one-to-many properties or by one-to-many units. Our initial reports show high level activity and each can be exported to a downloadable CSV file.

We plan to roll out at least one new report every month going forward. As always, feel free to shoot us a message to let us know what types of reports or data you’d love to see. 


Sometimes it’s easiest to have your data delivered to you. Now, after you generate your report in ApartmentJet, you can choose to export the data to CSV or have it periodically emailed to you and your team. Choose from various date ranges, filters, etc.. You can add as many recipients as desired, and you can easily view and manage your scheduled reports from your Reporting dashboard within ApartmentJet.

Dashboard Widgets

Of course, everyone loves at-a-glance data in addition to reports, so we’re improving many of our dashboard charts and metrics. We have new data widgets coming to your dashboards. Channel comparisons. Booking activity. We’ll be rolling those out in the coming weeks and months, along with a few other ways to track your short-term rental performance. We intend to improve at-a-glance data throughout the application and to organize it appropriately for various roles. We know some of you want nothing but data, and some of you couldn’t care less. We love all of you, so we’ll do our best to provide something for everyone.

As mentioned above, we’ve spent countless hours the past year analyzing and determining which metrics can best indicate success. We’ve talked to experts in multifamily and hospitality. We don’t simply want to help you manage your short term rental business. We want to help you perfect it. Providing better tools for analyzing performance is a key step.

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