ApartmentJet Partners with TransUnion to Advance Short-Stay Screening Solutions

Background screening has always been a core component of the ApartmentJet solution. We want our clients and their residents to feel comfortable with the short term guests staying at their communities. Screening is one of the many tools we employ to ensure, as much as possible, that everyone involved, from property manager to guest to existing community resident, will have a positive experience.

To that end, we’re excited to formally announce our partnership with TransUnion. Our two companies have been working closely together behind the scenes for several months. All guests booked through ApartmentJet, from any source, are now screened using TransUnion’s powerful, multidimensional tools and data sources. A global company valued at over $10 billion, TransUnion is a household name and a well-established player in the multifamily space.

“Guest screening is critical to ApartmentJet’s success and to multifamily’s adoption of short-term rentals,” says Andy Hamilton, co-founder of ApartmentJet. “TransUnion immediately understood our mission. They provided experience. They showed the flexibility needed to work with a nimble startup. They use screening models already familiar to the industry, which provide a degree of comfort to our clients. Most of all, their reliability, speed, and the accuracy of their results make them an ideal partner for ApartmentJet.”

Earlier today, TransUnion issued their own press release.

“We are thrilled to partner with ApartmentJet as a forward thinker who is addressing property management companies’ biggest concerns with short-term rentals – criminal background checks,” said Maitri Johnson, vice president in TransUnion’s rental screening group. “Together, ApartmentJet and TransUnion’s industry-leading criminal background search service will help ensure guests are appropriately screened before getting keys to a short-term rental at an apartment community.”

We’re excited to be part of TransUnion’s growth plans, in what is clearly a mutually beneficial relationship. In the coming months, we expect to announce new features as a result of this partnership. We’re working closely with TransUnion to create unique tools for the multifamily short term screening space, and we can’t wait to talk about them.

Stay tuned.

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