Improving Guest Communications with Enhanced Conversations


Guest interactions are a critical part of the booking process. Whether you’re answering inquiries onsite or from a centralized location, you should have all the information you need at your fingertips. This increases your team’s efficiency, response time, and quality. Great communication can be the difference between a three star review and a five star review, and it can lead directly to more bookings and increased revenue.

ApartmentJet is designed to make guest interactions as simple as possible. Today we’re launching an improved Conversations interface, with highly requested features and team-centric improvements, to further simplify communication.

For those who don’t know, the Conversations tab is where most booking activity takes place on the ApartmentJet platform. Much like an instant messaging interface, your team can chat with guests, answer their questions, screen them, and review them. All from one screen, and it works on a mobile phone!

Some of the new updates include:

Automated Check-in / Check-out instructions – When a guest books at your property, we will automatically send check-in instructions. You can specify separate instructions for early or late check-ins. If necessary, we’ll resend the instructions a few days prior to check-in, at a time when most guests begin to get curious about the details.  Also, we can automatically send check-out instructions to the guest the night before departure. All these messages will appear in your conversation thread, so you can see how much information your guest has. The goal is to reduce the communication workload while providing clear instructions to your guest. We think it makes everyone’s experience better.

Booking history – Some guests become repeat visitors. Now it’s easier to identify them. With our new Conversations interface, you can easily manage simultaneous booking requests from the same guest, view their past reservations, and read their past reviews. You’ll have a better sense of the guest’s relationship with the community, which can improve the speed and quality of your response.

Property and Unit FAQs – When interacting with lots of potential guests, the same questions arise time and again. How close is your community to the sports arena? What restaurants are nearby?  Now you’ll have an easy place to store answers to questions like these, and those answers are available to quickly copy and paste into a conversation. This is extra helpful for centralized communications teams who may handle a property’s booking activity without being onsite.

Typing notifications – It’s a bit embarrassing or confusing when two team members respond to the same guest simultaneously. To help prevent this, you can now see which of your other team members are typing in a conversation.

Quick and easy guest communication is key to successfully managing and profiting from short term rentals. Our goal is to optimize the process for you onsite and communications teams. These updates also increase the efficiency of our own Concierge team, who handle bookings for our Concierge Service clients. If you feel your staff is too busy to handle booking requests, we can do it for you. With these new enhancements, we can do it even better.

All these new features are available immediately within ApartmentJet. Get in touch today to learn more or see a demo.

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