2017: Just the Beginning


As 2017 checks out and 2018 prepares for arrival, the ApartmentJet team is hard at work in balmy, sub-zero Chicago, prepping for a 2018 that promises big improvements to our products and services as well as huge gains for our clients.

We know a lot of you are in the midst of corporate holiday parties or year-end vacations to warmer climates, but we wanted to share a few thoughts before the January madness begins. Also, if we sound jealous of your warmer climates, it’s because we’re absolutely jealous of your warmer climates.

A Quick Recap

2017 was ApartmentJet’s birth year. We launched in May at the AIM conference with the goal of helping multifamily owners and operators earn revenue from vacant units and guest suites. We were thrilled by your reception. We closed a successful fundraising round to help build the products and services you need, and we’ve developed some fantastic new partners along the way (press releases coming soon!).

Since launch, we’ve booked hundreds of reservations, resulting in new, favorable, publicly available community reviews to highlight client brands. Our guests have spent over a thousand nights in multifamily units and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in new client revenue. Your success is our success, and the trends continue to look skyward.

Here’s a sample of what our clients are saying:

“Prior to using ApartmentJet, we had very limited success generating leases from home sharing sites like AirBnB or HomeAway. Our initial trials hadn’t proven very fruitful and the process was cumbersome. When we tried ApartmentJet at one of our communities, everything changed. Within 60 days, we were seeing impressive results and signing multi-month leases. Given they only get paid when I succeed, we’re rolling out the platform at our other properties. It’s simple, and it works. The ApartmentJet team manages everything but keys and cleaning; leaving our site teams focused on our residents and our investors happy with the new revenue. ApartmentJet will surely impact the multifamily industry.” – Sarah Greenough, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President at Princeton Properties

“We’re impressed with the additional revenue generated by using ApartmentJet. Their Customer Service has been great. They’ve made it easy to roll out ApartmentJet across a large portion of our portfolio with minimal impact on our site teams. Their team is responsive and professional, and the impact on our communities’ NOI is real.” – Matthew Cohen, SVP of Asset Management at Oak Residential

On the Horizon

As much as we like teasers, we won’t provide too many details about what’s coming in 2018. We can, however, tell you about the steps we’ve taken to prepare.

Since launch, we’ve revamped our underlying architecture to allow for better data tracking and reporting capabilities. We continue to iterate on our internal tools to improve communication with site teams and streamline the guest experience at scale. The goal is to garner positive guest reviews with zero onsite issues, which in turn will lead to increased short term occupancy, better rates, and more client revenue.

We’ve improved our partner integrations and will continue to do so in 2018. We’ve officially begun the process of integrating with HomeAway, while AirBnB remains an enthusiastic and supportive partner. These two companies approach the sharing economy in different ways. We try to bring a multifamily viewpoint to their thinking. To their credit, despite our newness and relatively small footprint, they’ve both listened and been receptive to our thoughts and ideas, which we appreciate and believe will lead to exciting new opportunities for everyone.

We have big announcements coming in early 2018. New services. New product features. New partnerships. All of it should translate into better service for clients and guests, which in turn will lead to more revenue in your books.

And of course, thank you

We had plenty of help in 2017. Thank you to our early adopters for trying something new and untested. Thank you to our investors for continuing to have faith in us and our ideas.  Thank you to everyone who has taken our call or sat down for a demo even when you had no interest in the sharing economy. Thank you to our partners for helping us deliver solutions that benefit everyone. Thank you to our existing clients. Thank you to our newest clients. And thank you to everyone who will come on board in 2018.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you all enjoy the ride.

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