Revisiting Our Case Study: Success and Growth


When ApartmentJet launched earlier this year, we highlighted the success of our pilot customer in a case study. Today we thought it was time to revisit that case study to see how the client has fared since launch.

The client went live on a beta version of ApartmentJet in March with one unit in Kentucky and another unit in Ohio. By early May, at our official launch, they had booked stays totaling 49 nights and approximately $4,200 of revenue.

At the time, the company’s COO said, “We’re certainly happy, and to be honest, a little bit surprised by the results… We’re discussing plans for setting up guest suites at all our communities to take advantage of short-term stays.”

Well, the pilot results were no fluke, and the client has pushed forward with their short-term stay plans. They’ve recently rolled out ApartmentJet to four new communities.

As of October 1, their eight units across six communities have tallied nearly 150 completed guest stays, more than 300 completed nights, and over 125 guest reviews, with total booked revenue of nearly $40,000.

We’re thrilled they’ve found so much success using ApartmentJet. We’re equally thrilled to help them execute their short term stay plans moving forward. And we will continue to bring this same success to new and existing clients.

It’s an exciting time in multifamily. More to come!

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