5 Tips to Turn Short Term Guests into Long Term Residents

Short term rentals are a great way to earn revenue from vacant units and underutilized guest suites. But why not think bigger?

Every short term guest arriving at your community is a consumer of your brand, a possible influencer, and a potential long term resident.

If a guest books your unit for a weekend and has a phenomenal stay, how can you be sure he or she remembers your community (or your other communities) when taking another trip or looking for a new home?

We’ve heard all sorts of clever marketing ideas to help you turn your short term renters into long term residents or repeat guests. Here are five tips to get you started.


  1. The old mint on the bed trick, but it needn’t be a mint. Make it a chocolate bar. A bag of pretzels. Something yummy.  Something to enjoy. Something branded. Something to thank the guests for choosing your community and to help them remember your brand when it’s time to find a new home.
  2. A handwritten note goes a long way.  Hotels do this all the time. A personalized, handwritten note signed by the onsite staff or manager will add a bit of humanity to the guest experience. Thank the guests for choosing your community and remind them to consider you the next time they’re travelling or looking for a home to rent.
  3. A Portfolio Map. This may be the guests’ first interaction with your brand. Let them know you have communities all over the map. It’s a great opportunity to teach them about your brand philosophy and to encourage additional visits.
  4. Keep it local: Help them fall in love with the area during their stay. Consider giving them something to remember unique to your community’s location. A Chicago Cubs hat, a bottle of Napa wine, an Indy 500 matchbox car, or even a ticket to an upcoming event or show. If they enjoyed their stay, help the memory last until they’re ready to find a home.
  5. Give them a tour. Show then around the property. Make them feel at home. Help guests enjoy a great stay while talking up your amenities.

Most importantly, be memorable and courteous and friendly but never overbearing. Subtlety is key. No one wants a vacation to be one long commercial for your brand. That being said, don’t let this great marketing opportunity slip away. Short term rentals can help you earn revenue on vacant units, but they may also help you fill long term leases.

Do you have other clever ideas for marketing to short term renters? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter or in the comments!

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[…] Short term rentals offer a solution, because they allow you to tap into this off-cycle demographic in new ways. Guests will find you on AirBnB, stay at your community, and be introduced to your brand.  They’ll experience firsthand the personality and amenities you offer. Onsite staff can provide local knowledge and market to guests directly using some of these clever ideas. […]