Quick Text Simplifies Communications with Guests

Arguably, one of the most critical aspects of managing short term stays is communication with your potential, future, and current guests. Whether you’re answering questions or requesting information, communication is constant.

One of ApartmentJet’s main goals is to simplify and expedite those communications, reducing the workload for onsite staff or your centralized marketing team. To that end, our first post-launch release introduces a new feature we call Quick Text.

Quick Text puts words in your mouth. In a good way!

A Quick Text response is a personalized dynamic message you can quickly send as part of any conversation. Need to ask the potential guest for screening details? Need to send information about key exchanges? Easy!

Select the appropriate Quick Text item. The text will appear in your message box so you can edit if desired. Click Send. It’s that easy.

This is our initial implementation of Quick Text. In the future we see it growing to offer intelligent responses within the context of the guest’s reservation status.

Quick Text is available now to all users. Try it during your next conversation!

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