An AIM Recap by the Numbers

ApartmentJet Stats Image

We officially launched ApartmentJet this week at the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference. The response exceeded our hopes. We want to thank everyone for giving us a phenomenal welcome and for showing so much enthusiasm.

To recap our California adventure, we compiled some super duper important data to share with you.


  • During our time in the booth, we spoke to over 100 conference goers.
  • Surprisingly, 0% of people kicked us in the shins for mentioning short-term rentals.
  • We gave more than 30 ApartmentJet demos, some lasting as long as 40 minutes!
  • We sipped no fewer than 29¬†cups of coffee.
  • We balanced on one foot approximately 0% of our time in the ApartmentJet booth.
  • We drank less than 483 gallons of water.
  • 937% of the time, we loved hearing you tell us how great ApartmentJet looks.
  • We counted no fewer than 6 groups of people striking (or pretending to strike) the Charlie’s Angels pose while getting their Third Dimension 3D scans.
  • We consumed large quantities of tortilla chips, but our stat counters failed to get an accurate total. We don’t plan to weigh ourselves in order to extract the data, and for that we do not apologize.
  • We’re giving away 25 Third Dimension 3D models. Winners will be notified shortly.
  • At least 7 people acknowledged reading our previous emails. This was higher than expected.
  • We have no data related to anyone on our team or any other team consuming alcohol. Everyone was extremely well behaved. Of course, the lack of data means we can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of that statement.

Finally, 100% of the ApartmentJet team again thanks everyone for stopping by, for showing interest, for taking time to understand what we’re doing, for asking questions, for being so receptive to our idea, and for being so complimentary to our past efforts. It was an exciting and humbling reception.

Thank you!

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