How ApartmentJet Alleviates Multifamily's Short Term Rental Concerns

ApartmentJet aims to simplify a complex problem.

How can multifamily owners and operators turn vacancy into revenue? Most importantly, how can they do so while prioritizing the safety and security of their residents and property? And will doing so require a ton of work?

To begin to answer those questions, let’s look at what ApartmentJet is.

ApartmentJet is:

  • An easy-to-use platform to help manage short term rentals for a single unit, community, or entire portfolio.
  • A single place to manage your content, settings, and calendars. No need to sign in to different marketplace accounts for every property. In fact, there’s no need to ever leave ApartmentJet when managing your short term rentals.
  • A communications platform to interact with potential visitors and communicate with guests during their stay.
  • A booking platform that allows you to view arrivals, departures, current guests, and upcoming visitors for a single unit, community, or portfolio
  • A screening provider (via partner) offering criminal background screening for every potential guest. Reservations are approved or rejected automatically based on screening results, eliminating most of the decision-making on site.
  • An insurance provider (via partner) offering specialized short-term stay insurance for every stay. *(policies currently available in 47 states)

ApartmentJet attempts to reduce the complexity of short term rentals while adding security.

We know on-site staff can be busy, so we’ve built a tool with centralized workflows that can be managed both on-site and at the corporate office. A marketing team (or person) can manage photos, descriptions and branding. A communications team (or person) can answer inquiries and reservations for the entire portfolio. Team members on site always know which guests will be arriving or departing on any given day, but there needn’t be a huge disruption to their typical daily processes. However you choose to distribute the effort in your organization, ApartmentJet will support it.

And because we know furnished apartments earn revenue faster, we’ve partnered with an industry-leading furniture provider to help you quickly and affordably furnish your units. To qualify for special ApartmentJet pricing, fill out the form to request a demo (and sign up for our AIM contest!).

Simply put, ApartmentJet is the first solution to bring simplicity, security, and transparency to short term stays. We’ll help turn your vacancies into revenue.

Visit us at AIM next week or request a demo.

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