Announcing ApartmentJet - A Message from the Founders

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Welcome to the ApartmentJet blog. To kick things off, let’s start with a note from our founders.

When we mention the sharing economy to our friends and colleagues in the multifamily apartment industry, we always get a reaction. It’s rarely positive, and it bleeds uncertainty. Say the word “AirBnB” and you’ll hear alarm bells ring. The general sentiment seems to be one of annoyance or fear or indifference or all of the above. Some people want to embrace it. Some want to destroy it. Others simply hope it will go away.

We don’t think it’s going anywhere. So why not turn it into an opportunity?

You might remember us. We built RentSentinel, an enterprise marketing tool that began as an attempt to understand the power of Craigslist. We expanded it with cost analysis and reporting tools, a CRM system, an online leasing solution, and one of the industry’s first truly mobile tablet solutions. Then we launched RentSocial, a socially minded apartment listing site that addressed every step of a renter’s lifecycle, from shopper to applicant to resident and back again. Both RentSentinel and RentSocial were acquired by Realpage in 2013.

We like to think of ourselves as technologists helping to solve problems. We strive for ease of use, simple workflows, powerful analytics, and just a bit of personality to keep everyone enjoying their workday.

About a year ago, everywhere we turned, we caught site of the sharing economy beast looming, waiting, ready to pounce on the multifamily world. No one quite knew how to deal with it, and everyone had questions.

What will sites like AirBnB do to vacancy issues? How, if it all, can multifamily capitalize on the inherent opportunities of disruption? How can it do so while protecting the sense of community expected and enjoyed by long-term residents? Can the sharing economy be monetized? And, most importantly, can this all be done safely and securely to protect residents and property?

ApartmentJet is our attempt to answer these questions. If you’ve used our previous products, you’ll likely understand our approach. We want to make short term rentals and the sharing economy as easy, painless, and profitable as possible for anyone in multifamily, whether you’re managing a single property or an entire portfolio.

Ultimately, ApartmentJet brings simplicity, transparency, and security to the sharing economy. It helps turn your long-term vacancy into immediate revenue. We think it of it as a whole new type of business model for multifamily, and we’re excited to finally share it with you.

We’ll be launching May 8-10 at the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference (AIM Conference) in Huntington Beach, CA. We’ll have a booth. Please stop by. Say hello. Get a demo. Maybe win a prize. More details to come.

This promises to be a wild ride. We hope you’ll take it with us.

Andy, Eric, & Kevin

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I’m sorry I’m not at AIM to get the latest! I’m intrigued!