Turn Vacancy into Revenue

ApartmentJet is the only short-term rental platform built specifically to help multifamily owners and operators earn revenue with vacant units.


15% fee per stay. No commitments. No minimums.


Background checks and insurance policies for every stay.


We’ll work with busy site teams to handle communications, bookings, and reviews.

Short term rentals are new for Multifamily. They offer a new and unique marketing channel with over 100 million users, but they require a slightly different mindset. We’re here to help you learn about the opportunities. Contact us anytime to learn more. Don’t miss out. We don’t make money unless you make money.

Turn Short-Term Guests into Long-Term Residents


ApartmentJet is a web-based platform to help multifamily property owners and management companies take advantage of the growing market for short-term rentals to generate long-term leases and revenue. With ApartmentJet, you can list your apartments, manage content, communicate with guests, monitor portfolio performance, and generate revenue from your vacant units, guest suites, and corporate housing . Use short-term rental marketplaces to turn your vacancy loss into revenue.

"Prior to using ApartmentJet, we had very limited success generating leases from home sharing sites like AirBnB or HomeAway. Our initial trials hadn't proven very fruitful and the process was cumbersome. When we tried ApartmentJet at one of our communities, everything changed. Within 60 days, we were seeing impressive results and signing multi-month leases. Given they only get paid when I succeed, we're rolling out the platform at our other properties. It's simple, and it works. The ApartmentJet team manages everything but keys and cleaning; leaving our site teams focused on our residents and our investors happy with the new revenue. ApartmentJet will surely impact the multifamily industry."
Sarah Greenough, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President at Princeton Properties
Protect your Residents
no additional cost
Avoid unwanted guests. ApartmentJet is fully integrated with an industry-leading multifamily screening solution. It delivers instant criminal background checks for all potential guests. Reservations approved or rejected automatically based on results.

  • Know who’s staying at your community
  • Provide protection for residents by keeping out criminals
Protect your Assets

Short-term insurance protects the guest and your valued assets. ApartmentJet offers instant liability and damage coverage from a trusted partner. You’ll get $100k coverage per incident, with an industry-first short-term rental policy.

  • Built-in to nightly rate
  • Policies set up automatically prior to guests arrival
"We’re certainly happy, and to be honest, a little bit surprised by the results. Due to the positive results, we’re discussing plans for setting up guest suites at all our communities to take advantage of short-term stays."
ApartmentJet Pilot Customer & COO of a Chicago-based Real Estate firm

Create a profile. Add photos and settings. Choose a catchy headline. Set a Price. And publish. It’s that easy.


Communicating with current and potential guests is as easy as chatting online with family.


Reservations are automatically booked (or rejected) based on screening results. No decisions need be made at the property.


Easily manage unit and property calendars. See arrivals and add blackout dates. We automatically sync with short term rental sites.


Review your guests and read their reviews without ever leaving ApartmentJet.


We’re compiling a vast knowledge base for managing short term rentals. We’ll share it with you.


Need help while using our tool? Talk to us in real time with our integrated live chat.


We’ve designed ApartmentJet to work on any size device from large monitors to mobile phones.

See ApartmentJet in Action

If you have vacant units, guest suites, or corporate housing units, let us show you how to turn them into more revenue. ApartmentJet is built specifically for multifamily owners and operators.


ApartmentJet is the newest product from the innovators who created RentSentinel, an enterprise marketing and analytics tool. They followed up that success with RentSocial, a full-resident-lifecycle collaborative search tool praised at the time by Mashable and other tech sites as the most innovative consumer apartment listing website. Committed to providing technology solutions for owners and operators, they’ve created ApartmentJet as an enterprise marketing platform that rethinks short-term rentals for multifamily.


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ApartmentJet is officially live. If you want to sign up, chat with us, see a demo, learn more, or simply get better acquainted with fun awesome people, we want to hear from you! Send us your info. We’ll be in touch soon.


We’ll conquer this disruption together.

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