We're Celebrating our First Birthday with Photos and a Gift

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ApartmentJet launched at the Apartment Internet Marketing conference in May 2017. It was a sunny morning in Huntington Beach, California. The sky was blue. Palm fronds swayed in the breeze. And, to be as cheesy as possible, when we flipped that switch, when those servers in the cloud whirred and buzzed and beeped and our baby popped onto the screen for the first time, our lives changed forever.

This year, on May 8th, we celebrate ApartmentJet’s first birthday.

It’s been a wild twelve months. New clients, new partners, new features, and a whole lot of work. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we know there’s an endless amount of work ahead, but it never hurts to take a moment to acknowledge achievements.

In that spirit, to celebrate our successful first year and to say thanks for taking the journey with us, we’re giving away a birthday present: a two-night stay at an AirBnB of your choice up to $500.

How can you be eligible?

It’s easy. We invite you to share a photo of your one-year-old self on our social media pages. Simply post your birthday photo on our Facebook page, tag us in a Twitter post with your photo, or tag us in your Instagram photo. We’d love it if you would follow us, too, but it’s not required. The ApartmentJet team will help kick off the fun this week by posting our own birthday photos, so don’t miss out.


Be sure your post is public or we may not see it. Anyone who posts their first birthday photo and tags ApartmentJet will be eligible. The recipient will be selected in early May and their baby picture will be displayed on our social media pages.

We look forward to celebrating ApartmentJet’s first birthday with you at Chuck E. Cheese. Just kidding. We’ll do it at AIM!

If you want to visit ApartmentJet at the AIM conference, let us know or stop by booth #13 for a demo.

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