Introducing Event Based Pricing Controls

We promised another big new feature this week, and we always (try to) deliver. Today we’re introducing Event Based pricing controls to help you easily override prices for an entire community in a few simple steps.

Let’s say you manage a property with ten short term rental units. Maybe you’re located near a college campus, and there’s a big football game every other Autumn weekend. Available places to stay should command a premium due to limited supply and high demand, so you’ll want to increase your price points on those specific weekends.

You could manually update prices for every one of your units. If there are five football weekends and you have ten units, you’ll need to make fifty individual pricing updates. And that’s for only one marketplace. What if your units are listed on HomeAway and AirBnB? You’ll spend an hour, at least, trying to optimize your pricing for those weekends across multiple channels.

With ApartmentJet’s new Event Builder, you’ll need about thirty seconds. Update prices for every unit at your community on every marketplace by creating one simple event rule.

Here’s how it works:

You give the event a name like “My Awesome School’s Football Team vs. That Lesser School”. You select the appropriate event dates. Then you choose what happens to your nightly rates. Should they increase or decrease? By how much? By $300? By 400%? Do whatever you want. It’s that easy.


ApartmentJet will perform any necessary calculations and push the new prices to every channel for every one of your listed units. If the event gets cancelled, simply delete the event rule. Your units will all reset to the base price.  Events also appear on the ApartmentJet calendar so you can quickly identify the reason for price overrides.

The Event Builder is available now to all users via the ApartmentJet community dashboard. It will save you a lot of time and, ideally, help you make you a lot of money.

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