Introducing ApartmentJet's Concierge Service

So you’re almost convinced it’s time to earn short term revenue with your vacant units, but you’re not certain your onsite staff is ready to handle the flood of communications or booking requests that come with short term rental marketplaces. Or maybe you have no one available during hours when the leasing office is closed. You’re not alone.

If you’ve never had short term guests staying at your community, your organisation may be under prepared for the transition. This is to be expected. Sharing economy opportunities are new, but change rarely comes quickly or easily.

We’re here to help with our new Concierge Service.

How does it work?

Simply put: we act as your virtual concierge. Clever name, right?

We’ll help you quickly set up your units on ApartmentJet. We’ll work with you to gather content and optimize properties. We’ll handle all communications from potential guests and help ensure current guests always have someone to contact. We’ll provide instructions for check in and key pickup. We’ll handle guest screening and booking. We’ll even help you write reviews after a guest departs using feedback from the onsite team.

Our daily notifications will keep you updated on arrivals and departures so the onsite team always knows who is coming and going at the community.

You’re still responsible for key exchanges and turns, but we have partners who can help with both.

Don’t let uncertainty or extra work keep you from exploring this new opportunity. Our goal is to help you turn vacancy into revenue. We feel the concierge service is a great step toward that goal.

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